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Our mouths and teeth require thorough and efficient cleaning. However, even the most dedicated brushers are not able to clean every area of their mouth. The regular cleanings you undertake at home are not able to completely keep you free of plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria. It is, for this reason, our team at Zenith Smiles recommends that you come for an exam and get your routine dental cleanings done.


Our dental team conducts various types of cleanings based on your specific situation. We will determine the type of cleaning to conduct after we do a thorough exam of the mouth, teeth, and gums.


We do prophylaxis dental cleaning if you have maintained proper daily oral hygiene and have not skipped your routine dental exams and cleanings, which are done every six months. Prophylaxis cleanings are done to clean healthy teeth so that you do not suffer from gum disease and tooth decay. Our dentist removes plaque and tartar building up on the sides, back, and front of the teeth with a dental scaler.


Another cleaning we perform is scaling and root planing. It is a type of deep cleaning that tackles both the teeth and gum pockets. You may need scaling and root planing if you already suffer from periodontitis or gingivitis. Scaling is often conducted to remove plaque and tartar accumulating on the surface of teeth as well as inside the gum pockets. When you have gum disease, the gum pockets may get deeper, allowing more and more plaque and tartar to form inside. Our dentist will remove the bacterial plaque together with the hard tartar to prevent additional damage to the gums and teeth. Thereafter, the dentist does root planing to make the root surfaces smooth so that there are no hiding places for bacteria and plaque. Root planing allows the gums to begin reattaching to the teeth, thus eliminating gum pockets.


Additionally, we perform periodontal maintenance cleanings as a way of preventing gum disease from setting back again. Since gum disease is considered progressive, meaning it worsens over time when not checked, you need to visit our office to have the gums and teeth checked. Periodontal maintenance cleanings have to be done more often because periodontitis can occur again in just a few months. That is why we require you to check in for the cleaning every three or so months. Periodontal maintenance cleanings involve scaling and root planing but are performed after you have initially received gum disease or periodontitis treatment.


Among the heaviest of teeth cleaning procedures is gross debridement cleaning. It is meant to clean teeth that have severe amounts of tartar and plaque. If you have problems maintaining your oral hygiene or you skip dental visits or routine cleanings, you may require gross debridement cleanings. Failing to observe daily oral care and skipping your routine dental cleanings at our office means that you allow plaque to harden into tartar. Therefore, you need specialized cleaning to eradicate the tartar and plaque. Our dentist uses an electrical tool to loosen the tartar buildup and does prophylaxis cleanings to thoroughly clean your teeth.

Visit us at Zenith Smiles to get your teeth and gums cleaned. Schedule your appointment today by calling (714) 838-0790.

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