Dental Exam

Dental exams and checkups may be the most basic dental procedures but also the most necessary. At Zenith Smiles we advise our patients to come for twice yearly exams and cleanings. These routine exams not only serve as preventive measures but also cement a strong foundation for your oral health. You need to keep these appointments in order to maintain exceptional oral health and prevent decay or disease.


Our team often combines a dental exam with professional teeth cleaning. In the process of the dental exam, we screen you for cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. We ask about any health conditions you may be having and any lifestyle aspects likely to impact your dental health. 

We check the mouth thoroughly for signs of infections or decay. Additionally, we take x-rays to see what may be happening underneath the gum tissue and inside the teeth or the jawbone. X-rays can show more details of periodontal disease, decay, bone loss, and other issues that could be present but they do not show themselves or do not present symptoms like pain and discoloration.

Checking the gum line, alignment of the bite, and looseness of the teeth are crucial elements of the oral exam process. Since we do not want to let you go home with plaque and tartar that may continue ruining your dental health, we clean your teeth. Our team conducts professional teeth cleaning, meaning that you will not have any lingering bacterial plaque or tartar in the mouth. This way, we prevent the onset of gum disease or decay.


People who have healthy gums and teeth can book their exam visits based on their needs. Once you come to our office either for a dental exam, cleaning, or other procedures, we shall be able to determine when next you should check in for an exam and cleaning. An exam typically requires a single appointment, but if you have other underlying issues such as bone loss or gum disease, you may need several appointments. If you have dental problems that have persisted for a long time or occur continuously, we advise you to make more frequent visits to our office. If you have had gum disease previously, you may want to see us every three to four months to undergo teeth cleanings and further inspection of the teeth and gums.

We perform routine exams during your regular dental hygiene appointments. These appointments are often referred to as recall exams and allow our dentist to get an ongoing understanding of the condition of your gums, teeth, jawbone, and other oral structures. Our dentist also does comprehensive exams, which often occur when you check in for your initial checkup and are conducted, repeatedly every several years. There is also a limited exam which aims at evaluating a particular problem related to your teeth, for instance, a sudden loss of a tooth, a fractured or broken tooth, or an extreme toothache.

Come see our dental specialists at Zenith Smiles in order to understand what dental exams and cleanings mean to you and why it’s important to keep up with regular appointments. Give us a call at (714) 838-0790 to request your appointment.

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