Dental Veneers

People with chipped, crooked, or discolored teeth who want to restore them can seek dental veneers. These restorations consist of a shell made of porcelain material that blends with the nearby teeth to provide a uniform appearance. With porcelain veneers, our team at Zenith Smiles can alter the shape, size, and shade of teeth and also stop further damage to the tooth surface. Often, when you let a chipped tooth remain so, it can risk exposing the internal parts of the tooth, leading to pain when biting down on something, drinking, or eating.


A dental veneer is a kind of thin porcelain shell or molding custom-made to cover the front surfaces of teeth. These prostheses are cemented onto the front of the tooth in order to bring an aesthetically pleasing smile. There are many applications for porcelain veneers from covering unattractive spaces between teeth to masking stains and discolorations and concealing misshapen or crooked teeth.


Dentists vouch for porcelain veneers because they come with many benefits. These restorations do not fade or become yellow over time as happens with natural teeth. While you may improve your smile by seeking a teeth whitening procedure, the results only last a few years, so you keep whitening the teeth. However, porcelain veneers stay beautiful and white from the day you receive them and last long. Veneers resist stains and they can be fabricated to match nearly any shape, shade, or contour of the teeth. Besides, veneers can let you avoid orthodontic treatment like braces since they can cover up crooked teeth.


We begin the porcelain dental veneers procedure by making a digital impression or model of the teeth. The model allows us to prepare custom-made porcelain veneers for the affected tooth. This way, it ensures a comfortable fit. Once the veneer has been created, it is color-tinted so that it matches the shade or color of the adjacent teeth. Depending on what kind of veneers you are receiving, you may get temporary veneers to cover the tooth while waiting for the final piece. It may take approximately two weeks for the permanent veneer to be ready. Once ready, you return to get your tooth concealed with the permanent porcelain veneer.


When you receive porcelain veneers, they can last a lifetime. Porcelain is durable and is able to resist chipping and staining. Your job is to ensure you maintain the veneers properly by ensuring daily flossing and brushing. Never skip dental checkups; you should see us twice a year. You may also want to break bad habits such as pencil and nail-biting. Do not chew on hard things since you will damage the veneers the same way you could fracture or break your teeth. It requires as much force to damage or break porcelain veneers as it would do a natural tooth.

Reach out to our dental team at Zenith Smiles to determine if porcelain veneers are a solution for your dental imperfections. Contact us at (714) 838-0790 to request an appointment.

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