Periodontal Care

Periodontal cleaning is vital for controlling and preventing periodontal disease from recurring. Once you present to our office with signs of periodontal disease, we examine you to see how severe it is. There are many treatment options we offer at Zenith Smiles for periodontal disease, including deep cleaning and periodontal surgery. After treatment, you have to regularly check in to our office so that we monitor how you are faring. If not checked, after treatment, periodontal disease can reoccur, often causing more damage. That is why we schedule you for a three month interval periodontal maintenance program.


Dental cleanings are not designed to serve the same purpose. Many patients are surprised to find that after coming to us for a cleaning, we do periodontal maintenance. Periodontal disease leads to many issues. It contributes to bone loss and the gum pockets get deeper, often extending to depths of more than 4 millimeters. You also experience bleeding gums and the root surfaces of the teeth are exposed.

Patients with these symptoms or those who have had surgery for periodontal disease or root planing will often require periodontal maintenance because the regular cleaning may not be enough. Our dentist will need to perform periodontal maintenance scaling in order to maintain healthy gum tissue and bones. Periodontal maintenance scaling involves the removal of tartar and plaque below and over the gumline. The dentist also removes plaque and tartar in areas reaching down to the junction of the gum, root, and bone. Smoothing over the rough areas is also part of the program. We monitor the pocket depths and if we find the pockets are inflamed we irrigate them with antibacterial medicines. Periodontal maintenance ensures that periodontal disease does not come back and is kept under control. Something to mention is that periodontal disease cannot be reversed, it can only be controlled.

Our dentist will determine how often you should come for periodontal maintenance. Often, it is recommended that you have it three to four times each year, but it depends on how fast tartar and plaque are forming or if there is bleeding in the gums, or if inflammation is present. Your commitment to oral care is also another factor that determines how frequently you should receive periodontal maintenance. Your health risk factors are another issue that we look at. The stability of the condition may also determine the frequency of periodontal care.


While prophylaxis involves the regular cleaning you get every six months, periodontal maintenance is done more often. The former is a preventive measure and is conducted when there is no periodontal disease, bone loss, or infection occurring around the teeth. The latter is required if you have periodontal disease or you recently received treatment for the same. You may have had periodontal surgery or deep cleaning. Our dentist will book you for the periodontal maintenance program.

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