Dental Bridge

Tustin, CA

A dental bridge is used to take the place of missing teeth. The ridges are made of two or more crowns that function as anchors to the replacement teeth. The anchoring teeth are known as abutment teeth. We can use your natural teeth or dental implants. Pontics refers to the false tooth that attaches to the crowns. Once our team at Zenith Smiles has fixed your dental bridge, it will be virtually imperceptible.


Missing a tooth or several of them tends to affect you in many ways. For instance, it may distort your appearance, which impacts your confidence. The gaps can also affect your ability to chew properly by changing the alignment of your bite. You may also experience speech impairment and pronunciation challenges. Getting dental bridges will eliminate these challenges. It will hold your remaining teeth in position and prevent shifting. It will also maintain the shape of your face and restore your smile.


If we find that you are a suitable candidate for a dental bridge, we will then determine which type is the best for you. One option is a traditional dental bridge. It can consist of one or more pontics. The pontics are held by crowns cemented on the abutment teeth. You can also get cantilever bridges. Here, your dental bridge is supported by a crown placed and cemented to an abutment tooth. If you get Maryland bridges, we will use two natural abutment teeth. We will use a framework of metal or porcelain to attach the pontic to the abutment tooth, instead of crowns. We also offer implant-supported bridges. We use these if you have several missing teeth. In this case, we use implant screws as opposed to crown frameworks.


The initial step is to assess whether dental bridges are the best option for you. To determine this, we will examine the affected areas and take x-rays of your jaw. Afterward, we will discuss the possible options with you. The second step is teeth preparation. Here, we file the abutment teeth into a shape that can hold the bridge. Then, we take impressions of the shaped tooth, which we use to construct the bridge. Constructing the permanent bridge takes some time. We will use a temporary bridge to protect the shaped teeth from damage. When the permanent bridge is ready, we will remove the temporary one and replace it. We expect the bridge to feel unfamiliar at first, but this should wear off quickly. You may need a few adjustments to get the bridge in the right position.


With proper care, your dental bridges can last up to 10 years or more. Practicing good dental hygiene will ensure that the supporting teeth do not decay or get damaged. This could affect your bridge. To protect your new bridge, brush twice and floss once daily. We also recommend using fluoride toothpaste and antiseptic mouth rinse. Also, eat fruits and high-fiber foods. Lastly, schedule regular visits with us for checkups.

If you would like more information on dental bridges, feel free to visit us at Zenith Smiles. To arrange an appointment, contact us at (714) 838-0790.

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