What Happens When You Lose A Permanent Tooth?

No one wants to lose a tooth as an adult. You may have loved losing a tooth as a child because you knew that when you lost a baby tooth, another tooth was waiting to take its place. Adults do not have that luxury when they lose a tooth. If you are worried you are about to lose a tooth, what should you do?


Adults generally lose their teeth in two ways. They can lose their teeth due to trauma in their mouths from an accident or an injury. More commonly, adults lose their teeth because of tooth decay or gum disease.

Over 90% of all adults have at least one cavity. If a dentist catches the cavity quickly, they can fill the tooth and save it. However, because bacteria cause cavities, the cavity will continue to grow. If you do not get it filled, the cavity will eventually cause the tooth to di

Gum disease is an infection from the same bacteria that cause tooth decay. If you have your gum disease treated, it is possible to put the disease in remission and keep your teeth. However, if your gum disease remains untreated, you may lose multiple teeth.


If you are worried about losing your teeth, your first step should be to consult with a dentist. Dentists will try to save your tooth if it is infected with tooth decay or your gums are infected with gum disease. Lucky patients can hang on to their teeth.

What if the dentist cannot prevent tooth loss? You have several options available. First, you may be able to have the tooth crowned rather than lose the tooth entirely. Second, you may be eligible for a bridge, which uses a prosthetic tooth to replace your existing tooth. You may also qualify for dental implants. You may be able to save your teeth if you set up an appointment with your dentist quickly.

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