Porcelain Fillings Vs Silver Fillings

Dental fillings can either be one material or a combination of materials that dentists used to repair and restore damaged teeth. Dental fillings are used to fix cracked teeth. Dentists also use fillings to repair teeth that are damaged from misuse, such as using teeth to open bottles.

However, the most common use for dental fillings is to repair tooth cavities and decays. If left untreated, cavities can cause tooth loss, gum diseases, and infections spreading to nearby teeth. To repair a cavity using a filling, the dentist will remove the damaged part of the tooth. After that, the dentist will add a dental filling to fill the hole.

Dentists make dental fillings from silver, porcelain, composite resin, and even gold. Composite resin and porcelain resemble the actual tooth. Most people prefer silver amalgam and porcelain because of their longevity. Let's take a thorough look at what is the difference between the two;


Dentists combine oxygen and silicone together to form a monocrystalline glass to make porcelain fillings. Porcelain fillings are typically used to fill large cavities, especially at the back of the mouth. This is because we can easily manipulate it to resemble the tooth.


Dentists have used silver fillings for many years to fix dental issues. Dentists usually make them from a combination of materials such as mercury, silver, copper, and tin. Mercury makes up about fifty percent of the silver fillings. Since they have a metallic surface, they last for several years.


Aesthetics If you have a cavity that is easily seen, opt for porcelain fillings for better aesthetics. This is because porcelain fillings resemble the tooth's appearance, therefore it is hard to notice them. Silver fillings have a metallic look thus, they are easily noticeable.

Cost Porcelain fillings are more expensive than silver fillings. Silver fillings are the most cost-effective filling option. This is because of the materials used and the fact that you will spend a short time getting silver fillings. Porcelain fillings are the most expensive and they take the longest time to complete. This is because installing porcelain fillings is rather lengthy.

Teeth StainingUnfortunately, silver fillings may stain your teeth. In fact, silver filling is the only type of filling that can stain your teeth. You may need professional stain removal to remove some of these stains on your teeth. However, porcelain fillings do not cause any stains.

Finally, it is important to consult with your dentist who can guide you on which option is best for you. A dentist can guide you on the best type of filling that will not cause any health problems and one that is within your budget.

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