Sports Guard

Many people indulging in sports activities do not realize the kind of danger they expose themselves to when they do not wear mouthguards. This is particularly so in contact sports where the players or participants are likely to collide with each other, slip and fall, or even be hit, often fracturing their teeth, getting their teeth knocked out, or having cut lips. Mouthguards prove as essential gear when it comes to playing contact sports or other physical activities where a person is likely to fall. Mouth injuries can cost you money through treatments or even the possibility of having to receive artificial teeth if the present ones are knocked out completely. At Zenith Smiles we suggest that you always wear a mouth protector whenever playing contact sports.


Participating in sports and recreation activities, especially collision, contact, and high-velocity sports places an individual at risk of having dental trauma or orofacial injuries. Wearing sports mouthguards can reduce the incidence as well as the severity of oral injuries while engaging in these activities. Mouthguards can prevent you from needing to receive dental implants and other restorations like bridges and dentures, which you may need to get if your teeth are knocked out. If you do not replace knocked-out teeth, you may lose your facial structure, often beginning to have a sunken, wrinkled face because of loss of bone volume from tooth loss.

Moreover, mouthguards are able to prevent injury to soft tissues like the lips and cheeks, which can cause a lot of pain. That being said, you need to know that not all mouthguards are equal. You have to get the right mouthguard that will provide optimal protection.


There are three kinds of sports mouth protectors starting with custom-fit mouthguards, which our dental office can fabricate for you. We custom-make sports mouthguards so that they fit properly and provide a resilient, protection surface within the dental arch. Our customized mouthguards are also comfortable since they fit snugly in the mouth. When creating the mouthguards we first obtain an impression or model of the mouth and teeth, which aids in constructing a piece of the right size and shape. This way, your mouthguard works specifically for you and your mouth. It effectively protects your mouth against oral injuries when participating in contact, collision, or high-velocity sports.


Any person involved in sporting activities or collision and contact sports needs to get a sports mouthguard. Whether it is basketball, boxing, handball, combat sports, rugby, hockey, soccer, wrestling, martial arts, or maybe bicycling and skiing, these activities require you to have protective gear for the mouth. And sports mouthguards can be used by both adults and teens who engage in activities likely to cause dental trauma or oral injuries.

To find out more about sports mouthguards or get one fabricated for you, visit us at Zenith Smiles for evaluation. Contact us at (714) 838-0790 to book an appointment.

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