Porcelain Crowns

A badly damaged, decayed, or infected tooth can contribute to undesirable cosmetic effects. It can also be a source of tooth sensitivity and could lead to immense pain and toothache. Porcelain crowns can help restore and reinforce the structural integrity of that tooth while at the same time preserving the natural tooth structure as much as possible. Our dental specialists at Zenith Smiles use the porcelain crown procedure to help prevent the need for getting a tooth extraction. If a root canal becomes a necessary procedure to enhance the health of a tooth, we can use porcelain crowns to strengthen the structure of the tooth and rejuvenate its appearance.


A porcelain crown is a dental restoration made of hard ceramic. The crown has a healthy, natural look and creates an attractive tooth that is almost identical to your regular teeth. Porcelain crowns may be used where filling in a tooth does not seem to be an option. If decay is very bad, it may mean that a filling will not do the trick, therefore, our team will use porcelain crowns. Additionally, we use these prosthesis devices to restore a badly damaged tooth that had multiple fillings previously.


Receiving porcelain crowns offers the two-fold advantages of enhancing the look of the smile and supporting a compromised or weakened tooth. Porcelain crowns can also improve the strength, durability, and structural integrity of a tooth. They help protect a tooth from further decay or damage. Additionally, these restorations can help restore the shape of a tooth and bring back the natural look.


Our dentist gives you a local anesthetic after evaluating you and ascertaining that porcelain crowns can resolve the issue at hand. Once the dentist numbs the tooth and surrounding tissue, they will prepare the tooth for the crown. The dentist shaves down the surface of the tooth so that the crown will fit. The next step entails preparing a tooth impression or model. After taking the impression, which is taken to a lab to make the crown, our dentist puts temporary crowns, and sometimes bridges, based on your case. If it is one tooth, a crown is fitted onto it and if it is multiple teeth, a bridge becomes a choice to keep the tooth as well as its tissues from damage. The temporary crown or bridge is later on taken out when you come for the installation of the final crown. When you check in for the second appointment, the dentist removes the temporary crowns, including the cement and any other adhesive that were used to bond the crown. Now, the new crown is placed.

You most likely may experience sensitivity in the first days after the crown placement, however, it should subside and go away gradually. If the sensitivity persists, and you are having difficulties biting, you should reach out to our team.

Find out more about porcelain crowns, the installation process, and the aftercare tips from our team. Visit us today at Zenith Smiles or call (714) 838-0790 to request an appointment.

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