If you are seeking to straighten teeth without having to deal with the hassles of wires and brackets from regular braces, then Invisalign may be the option. When you have a bite misalignment, you have different options to help align it and restore its function and the aesthetic look of the mouth. Traditional braces have been used for many years but have some downsides. They are visible and often feel uncomfortable. At Zenith Smiles we suggest Invisalign if you are worried about the discomforts of regular braces and the challenges of ensuring oral hygiene while wearing braces.


The Invisalign system is a clear option for regular braces. The orthodontic treatment helps straighten teeth with the use of a series of custom-molded, clear aligners. It does not have metal brackets, wires, or bands as seen with traditional braces. Invisalign shifts the teeth gently and discreetly, ensuring that you remain comfortable during the treatment. The average treatment time for the Invisalign system is about 12 to 18 months, but you start seeing progress with teeth alignment within only a few weeks.


Many patients come to us after other teeth-straightening methods have failed to work. Invisalign is an effective solution for addressing many orthodontic conditions that regular metal braces usually correct. You are a candidate if you have an overbite, gapped teeth, open bite, underbite, crossbite, and crowded teeth.


The Invisalign system comes with many advantages compared to regular metal braces. First and foremost, it is comfortable. Invisalign clear plastic aligners do not tear up the tissue inside the cheeks as can happen with braces. Traditional braces tend to irritate the gums and soft tissue in the mouth.

Moreover, Invisalign is convenient since you do not need any special tool to clean the teeth when using Invisalign aligners. You pop out the aligners when you want to clean your mouth and then pop them back in thereafter. But the greatest advantage of Invisalign aligners is that they are nearly invisible within the mouth. No one can notice them, unlike the shiny, bulky, metal braces.


Our dentist starts the Invisalign process with an impression or model of the teeth. The dentist gets a series of digital photos of your bite, smile, as well as the inside structures of the mouth. The dentist uses the pictures to make a virtual 3-D model of the teeth. By using the model, our dentist is able to map out the entire steps necessary to change your smile from its present alignment to the target alignment. The information is taken to a lab to create a series of clear aligners made of special plastic material. You wear your aligner for no less than 20 hours a day for two weeks before changing to another aligner. To complete one tray of aligners it takes several months. The entire treatment may take somewhere from six months to a year or so.

To learn more about Invisalign and how they work to shift teeth, visit us at Zenith Smiles. Give us a call at (714) 838-0790 to request an appointment.

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