Dentistry For Kids

From preventive care to treatment of oral dental conditions and malformations, dentistry for kids plays a crucial role. Our pediatric dental team at Zenith Smiles focuses on ensuring your kids maintain a healthy bite. We treat children above the age of 7. In addition to routine brushing and flossing, you should bring your little ones to our dental office for examinations. Pediatric dentistry involves many things and our team is well-equipped to handle them all. Early exams and regular dental visits are important in preventing potential dental issues that can cause severe consequences later on.


You may not realize that the baby, or primary teeth, are already in the jaw of your child at birth. For that reason, we say that gum and teeth care need to begin even before the eruption of the first baby tooth. Bringing your child in to receive an early dental assessment is important. There may be issues lurking in the mouth that may cause serious dental issues in the future. An early dental assessment checks whether the teeth and gums are healthy and developing correctly.

A child may not wear braces at an early age, but later on, when we ascertain that he or she is ready to receive the restorations, we provide them. However, we can learn about their teeth misalignment early on and monitor it to see if it is correcting itself. If it does not, we can schedule treatment.

As a parent, you may find it difficult to assist your child to observe oral care. Our pediatric dental team will help you understand what you can do to assist your child in keeping and learn about good oral health practices.

We do regular fluoride treatments as another tool for preventing oral problems. Your child needs to get regular fluoride treatments throughout their teenage years.

Fillings are important when a child has tooth decay. Considering that kids crave sugar, it makes sense to watch out for problems such as cavities. We place fillings into the decayed teeth after cleaning them. We then reshape the surfaces of the fillings and polish them so that they match those of that tooth. Fillings help get the form and function of the tooth back to normal.

If we find a tooth is so weak that the filling may not work efficiently, we place a crown or cap to protect it and restore its size and shape. We perform crowning by placing the cap and cementing it over the tooth. Crowns for kids can be placed in a single visit, unlike adult crowns that have to be custom-fitted and require about two appointments.

Our pediatric dentistry team will customize treatment based on the needs of your child and help ease him or her into their regular dental routine. We want to build a strong oral health foundation for your child.

Visit us today at Zenith Smiles to find out what our pediatric dentistry involves and why the oral health of your little one is very important. Call us at (714) 838-0790 to schedule an appointment.

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